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In a nutshell- I love handwriting and pretty paper. I tend to buy too many shoes and spend much of my free time trying to persuade my husband that life would be great with about 7 puppies. I enjoy binge­‐watching shows on Netflix, and I’m a huge coffee addict. You can find me browsing the aisles of craft stores or convincing myself that I need another pair of leggings.

Creating and designing things has always come naturally to me, and fortunately, I love doing it! The idea of Prim Paper Co. started when I realized that I needed an outlet for my creativity other than doodling quotes in my planner. Within the first hour of taking on calligraphy, I was absolutely absorbed with the details of each letter and flourish, and have recently found myself writing into the early hours of the night (with coffee, of course).


I love experimenting with different pens, inks, and all types of papers. Even more so, I love working with our clients and helping them create beautiful paper goods for their most special day!

I’m a former band nerd turned creative connoisseur with a penchant for 90s boy bands, Diet Coke, and all things Tina Fey. Thanks to a lifelong affinity for Disney, I am a firm believer in true love, unexpected miracles, and the power of wishing on stars. I also once hugged Nick Carter, which needs no further explanation. It was like a good hug, too. Forward-facing and everything.

Both on and off the clock, one of my greatest passions is storytelling. There is indescribable joy when a bride sees her love story in print for the first time, which is one of many reasons I adore wedding stationery.


Simply put, invitations are more than fancy paper and customizable templates – they are a portrait of your relationship. Just as no two love stories are the same, I create custom stationery for every style, every couple, and every story.

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