Do thank-you cards really matter?

December 18, 2017


 Spoiler alert: Yes!


Growing up, my grandma was a stickler for formalities of all varieties, from outdated table manners to trivial snail mail etiquette. Need to know how to properly butter a dinner roll? Of course you don't. But if you ever do, I'm your girl. Every year, the day after Christmas, my mom would make me sit at the dining room table and write out a note to my grandparents thanking them for my presents by name. I remember being so annoyed. I mean, Santa's not out there stalking his mailbox waiting for a silly thank-you card! Why is my grandma?


But gratitude is an attitude that never goes out of style. Now, thank-you notes are an integral part of my life and a habit I'm very grateful to have built way back when.


Saying thank you after a birthday, holiday, or special event is a wonderful gesture but not always expected in our paperless culture - but showing gratitude following the single biggest day of your life? It's an absolute must! In fact, 100% of brides polled on our Instagram page said they sent thank-you cards after their wedding. Kudos, ladies! In the age of digital communication, here are three reasons why physical thank-you cards really do matter:


1. It's the right thing to do.
Your friends and family have donated their time and money in celebration of your love. A tangible expression of gratitude is a great way to let them know you acknowledge and appreciate their presence/presents. (See what I did there?)


2. Thank-you cards bring the wedding full circle.

Most likely, your guests' first experience of the wedding started with a single piece of paper - your save the date. A thank-you card is a nice way to bring the event full circle and signal the close of your wedding season.


3. Gratitude is good for the soul.

Happy people are not thankful - thankful people are happy. In addition to bringing a little extra joy to friends and family, you'll no doubt get a boost of serotonin as you write down your many blessings one by one.




What is your take on thank-you cards? Are they an outdated formality or a wedding must? Let us know in the comments below! 

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